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In the last week, vulnerabilities in older versions of WordPress software have been exploited resulting in blog posts being deleted and the blog sites being used for malicious purposes. Welcome to the real world.

The shock that some people are expressing, like Robert Scoble on Scobleizer is somewhat surprising. It's clear that WordPress knew about the vulnerabilities for some time and urged self-hosting customers to upgrade to WordPress version 2.8.4. Some of those that did not, have paid the price. Here is some additional useful information.

People have been snickering for years about Microsoft's security travails. We have since learned that Microsoft does not have a monopoly on security vulnerabilities and exploits. All software products have vulnerabilities. The issue is that as a software product becomes popular, it attracts cyber criminals. Therefore, software companies, as they become successful, must increase their focus on security issues, which WordPress seems to have done.

And we as consumers of software have risk management responsibilities too:

  • Upgrading to current releases
  • Backing up regularly to increase resiliency, i.e. the ability to recover quickly from an attack.