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Securosis Blog | No More Flat Networks.

Mike Rothman at Securosis is tentatively calling for more internal network segmentation in light of the Stuxnet worm. We here at Cymbel, who have been recommending Palo Alto Networks for its ability to define security zone policies by application and LDAP user group for the last three years, say welcome.

Using firewalls on internal networks to define zones is not new with Palo Alto. Netscreen (now Juniper) had the zone concept ten years ago.

Palo Alto was the first, and, as far as I know, is still the only firewall vendor that enables you to classify traffic by application rather than port. Therefore you can implement a Positive Control Model from the network layer up through the application layer. Therefore, with some work over time, you can implement the “unknown application – deny” rule. In other words, if there is application traffic for which no policies are defined, deny it.