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David Pogue at the New York Times wrote a very good article about OpenDNS, Simplifying the Lives of Web Users. The article also provides a well written explanation of DNS – Domain Name Service.

I did not realize that one of the benefits of OpenDNS is phishing protection:

PHISHING PROTECTION Phishing is the Internet scheme where you get a fake e-mail note from your bank about a problem with your account. When you click the link to correct the problem, you get a fake Web site, designed to look just like your bank’s — and by logging in, you unwittingly supply your name and password to the bad guys.

OpenDNS intercepts and blocks your efforts to visit the fake sites. It works like a charm.

Another layer of phishing protection alone makes OpenDNS worthwhile. Improved performance, availability, shortcuts, typo corrections, and parental controls are other benefits Pogue discusses.